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Belgian quality ventilation products

Healthy air, indispensable for everyday life

Avoid polluting particles? Odors and condensation? We install at home a quality ventilation in the region of Namur or everywhere in Belgium.
We ensure the overallity of your installation: from study to maintenance, through maintenance and troubleshooting.

The infeasibility of an installation must no longer be an obstacle to the quality of your air. We also rent and sell a wide range of materials on Namur and the whole of Belgium.
Ventilation AJ-Air | Qualité de l'air

A centralized system

AJ-Air wants to be responsible for the quality of your air.

We propose you to opt for a centralized system for all your new constructions.

A double flow ventilation to evacuate the condensation of wet premises (toilets, bathroom, kitchen) and reinject the energy into the living space (bedroom, living room).

Enjoy our ventilation systems in Namur and everywhere else in Belgium.

A decentralized system

If you have an old home and you want to renovate in terms of ventilation, we are your solution.

It is not always possible to do the same thing with old builds. In this case, we recommend a decentralized system that allows you to process only one part. A simpler and cheaper solution.

Do not hesitate to contact us to take advantage of our ventilation systems in Namur and everywhere else in Belgium.

AJ-Air, specialist in ventilation systems, based in Namur accompanies you step by step.

Contact your AJ-Air technicians, ventilating all of Belgium!

Complete service for all your ventilation installations


Opt for controlled mechanical ventilation (CMV). Do not breathe polluted and stale air by the insulation and moisture of your home. CMV propagates fresh air without loss of heat. We install this system for you.


Whether for domestic or professional use, we are able to provide you with powerful ventilation devices. You benefit from a constant intake of fresh air or the ventilation of smoky or dusty rooms.


You work regularly on construction sites and you want a device allowing you to evacuate dust and rekindle fresh air in the rooms or tunnels that you invest? We can provide you with these mobile machines.

Service after sales

For a longer term solution, or repeating itself at certain times of the year, we recommend the purchase of heating systems! AJ-Air technicians, experts in heating solutions, will advise you according to your heating needs!