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In winter or mid-season, when the weather gets a bit chilly, we often need more warmth. That’s when a mobile heating unit comes in very handy to temporarily meet your demands.  For instance to heat up a construction site avoiding the works to be delayed, for events in party tents, etc. 

Broken heating, in de middle of a building or renovation project? From now on you’ll never have to miss warmth or hot water.

We do not only offer mobile heating solutions, we also have quality products for specific situations: heating curtains, entrances, offices and the separation of thermal zones.

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A tailor made heating solution

Do not let the costs affect your comfort!

Infrared panels

Mainly used to heat up terraces during events, receptions or just for a dinner amongst friends when the weather gets a bit chilly.

We offer two types of infrared panels: from 1,1kW and 2,2 kW.

Electrical heating units:

Mainly used for shorter periods during a breakdown or for occasional use. The advantage of these units is that they are easy to install and to use. Our range consists of 5 types from 3 to 20kW.

Hot water heating units

These units are mainly used in combination with mobile heating units or when a central heating is available. The advantage of these units is that they are easy to install.

The units in our range have a capacity of 50 to 300 kW and can be modulated according to your water consumption.

Heat cannons (fuel oil/gas):

  • Indirect combustion:

Often used for events, to heat up or protect buildings or construction sites from the cold. Our range consists of wired units from 25 to 200 kW with a wide variety of installation options.

  • Direct combustion:

In some situations we advise a heating unit with direct combustion. We offer a wireless modulated unit on gas from 13,2 to 30,2 kW. On request, we can also supply a heat cannon with direct combustion on fuel oil.

Heating curtains

Heating curtains are used to separate two open thermal zones. Our heating curtains cover an area from 2 to 4 meters high and 1 to 2,5 meters wide. However, you can place them next to each other to cover an even larger distance.

Mobile heating units (electrical/oil/gas):

Although our heating units are mainly used to replace an existing heating system or while the client is waiting for his final heating system to be installed, they can also be used in combination with our hydraulic radiators to heat up a building, a construction site, etc.

Our electrical heating units are installed on a barrow and have a capacity of 3 to 40 kw. Our heating units on gas or oil are installed on a trailer and come in three types: 70 kW, 150 kW and 300 kW. Our heating units on gas or oil in containers have a capacity from 150 kW to 2000 kW.

These units can be used to heat up a construction site, during a drying cycle or to get screed to the right temperature as well as to supply hot water for your bathroom.

False ceiling cassettes:

Our hydraulic false ceiling cassettes are mainly used in shops and larger rooms. We offer false ceiling cassettes sized 60 x 60 cm (max 740m³/h en 100 m²) and 90 x 90 cm (max 1630 m²/h and 200 m²).

AJ-Air, your heating specialist in Namur helps you with all your projects.

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Complete service for all your heating installations


The installation of your heating system should be done by a well-trained technician. You can count on AJ-Air for the installation of all your equipment: boiler, floor heating, heat cannon, heating units, mobile heating units and heat pumps. We work everywhere in Belgium.


Sometimes it is better to rent your heating system instead of buying it for your home, office or other area. Especially when you’ll only use it for a special occasion or if you want to lower the costs. Request for an offer on the renting price of our heat cannons and mobile heating units.


Do you need a solution on the long term or for re-occurring occasions? We then advice you to buy your heating system. The AJ-Air technicians offer you advice adapted to your situation.

Service after sales

Contact AJ-Air for the maintenance or emergency repair of your heating system! Our well-trained technicians offer an impeccable service in Namur and everywhere else in Belgium!