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Dehumidifiers for specific purposes

As the air outside is often drier than the air inside a building, moisture problems are often solved by simply installing a good ventilation system. By blowing the air around you also prevent the moist air from condensating onto cooler surfaces.

 The air is blown around to:

  • Treat and dehumidify the air
  • Prevent condensation on cooler surfaces

Nevertheless some situations ask for a specific approach:

Maintenance of your house

When moisture and condensation are collected in your house because of too little ventilation you create a moist living environment that affects the quality of your house. After a water leak or a flood in your basement, bath room, washing room or old house, the moisture can create mould that can affect your health as well as your house. With a dehumidifier you can dry out the air and the environment allowing you to redecorate your home afterwards.

Optimisation of your building site

On building sites there is often a lot of water used. This water settles itself in the cement, the screed and the ceilings and must be evacuated. By temporarily installing a dehumidifier these materials can be dried out allowing a quicker relaunch of the construction and preventing the project to be delayed.

Keep your pool dry

To keep your swimming pool comfortable and to protect the materials used, the air in your pool must be actively dehumidified.

A pool dehumidification installation has three functions:

  • Maintain the right humidity grade;
  • Maintain the right temperature;
  • Prevent condensation on cooler surfaces (e.g. windows).

Hot air from 30°C with a humidity grade of 60% will condensate on surfaces with a temperature of 21°C or colder.

A dehumidification installation blowing air around also helps to maintain the right temperature in the pool environment.  

Dehumidifier for factories

A strong dehumidifier is indispensable for several production processes in factories using a constant and large amount of fluid, for instance in wood production, food industry, pharmaceutical industry, etc.
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Dehumidification by condensation

This is the most well-known procedure to dehumidify air. The air is cooled down to its condensation level. As such the absolute humidity drops but the relative humidity stays 100%. That is why the air is often also heated up for a moment to maintain the acquired absolute humidity, meanwhile lowering the relative humidity.

Dehumidification by absorption

The air is blown over a rotating disc containing a solid absorption product. This disc constantly absorbs the water vapour.

To maintain this system the water must be evacuated. Therefore, hot air is blown over another part of the disc helping it to maintain its absorption capacity.

During this procedure the air is both dehumidified and heated.

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Service after sales

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