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The effect of air pollution on our organism

In the most polluted cities of the world breathing is as unhealthy as smoking 1 to 2 packages of cigarettes a day. Luckily, it is not that bad in Belgium, although our country is the worst pupil in the European class when it comes to air quality. Moreover Belgium aims its solutions at the least infected areas while overlooking the major polluters: our highways.

« Internationally, one out of nine deaths is caused by air pollution. This makes air pollution the most important cause of environmental pollution. »

  • Short exposure, mainly at peak times:
    • Irritation of the nose, the throat and the eyes;
    • Lower breathing capacity, difficult or wheezy breathing, coughing;
    • increased) lung problems (asthma, bronchitis, COPD) heart and vascular diseases (heart diseases, high blood pressure).
  • Repeated exposure:
    • (increased) breathing problems (asthma, chronic bronchitis) and decreased lung functioning;
    • Increased risk of heart and vascular diseases;
    • Decreased life expectancy (deadly heart and vascular diseases, lung cancer).

The ventilation we need to prevent moisture problems and evacuate CO2, brings polluted air inside.

Most mechanical standard filters in CMV-equipment do not filter the micro particles in the air. Moreover, if only the larger particles are filtered, the smaller ones have nothing to attach to and keep floating in the air.

Which air purifier you need depends on the volume of air you want to treat. Cassettes and filters that need to be integrated in a ventilation network, need more in-depth examination to define your needs and the requested result depending on the volume of air to be treated.

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Electrostatic air purifiers

General functioning
  • Prefilter
    • Larger air particles
    • Animal fur
    • Human hair
  • Electrostatic filter
    • Cigarette smoke
    • Micro particles
    • Virus
    • Germs
  • Active coal filter
    • Odours
    • Hazardous gases
  • Ioniser
    • Restores the natural air quality

In general our purifiers are fit for an air volume of 180 to 5100 m³/hour.

We use high quality air purifiers !

  • Airvia
  • Airvia Aero 100
  • Airvia Pro 150

Our AJ-Air technicians will provide you with adequate solutions in terms of purification of your environment.

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General service for your air purification systems


If you experience air pollution from traffic, cigarette smoke or other negative causes, we can quickly intervene and install an air purifier.


If air pollution is only a temporary problem for you, you can rent our mobile air purifiers.


Do you need a solution on the long term or for re-occurring occasions? We then advice you to buy your air purifier. An air purifier is always a good investment!

Service after sales

Contact AJ-Air for the maintenance or emergency repair of your air purifier! Our well-trained technicians offer an impeccable service in Namur and everywhere else in Belgium!