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What type of air humidifier is best for me?

Protect yourself and your environment

In winter central heating dries out the air in our buildings.

Dry air is responsible for:

  • Sinus congestion;
  • Dry eyes and irritated eyes, nose, throat and skin;
  • Headaches;
  • Red, burning eyes;
  • A dry skin;
  • Parched skin;
  • Damage to walls and furniture.

Young children are more likely to experience these problems than adults.

The conservation of archives, art work, materials,…demands a strictly controlled air humidity to prevent damage to the  stored goods. Certain industrial processes also require a minimal humidity grade.

An air humidifier can help you maintain the right humidity grade in your building allowing you to protect your health and offering you an optimal comfort.

A well-installed humidifier has several positive effects on your health:

  • Easier breathing;
  • Less eye irritations;
  • Less nasal infections;
  • Lower risk of bronchitis.
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Humidifying techniques and products

Cold water spray humidifiers

The treated air is blown over a moist, rotating spraying sponge. This sponge has a double function: purifying and humidifying the air.

The water in this machine is replaced on a regular basis and a purifying product is added to it. As such this system also purifies the air in your environment.

This type of  air humidifier uses the heat in the air to vaporize the sprayed water, at the same cooling the treated air.

These mobile units are easy to install. That is why they are often used for occasional situations or for renting. These humidifiers have a water reservoir that needs to be manually refilled. This makes them less practical and in need of higher supervision.

We offer 4 types able to treat a volume of 150 to 800 m³ and with a capacity of 0,95 to 2,5 litre/hour.

Warm water spray humidifiers

Warm water spray humidifiers have a reservoir with boiling water. The produced vapour is spread in the room or via a tube network. The water is heated by electrodes to produce steam.

The water level is adapted to the humidity of the environment to secure a stable air condition. A control system indicates when the small reservoir needs to be emptied to prevent the water from standing too long. The EASYSTEAM air humidifiers are fully automatic. You only need to replace the cylinder from time to time when the electrodes are worn out.

These warm water spray humidifiers (electrodes in water) can be used in a lot of situations and are often applied to humidify the air in an entire building via the ventilation system. They can also produce the steam used in a thermal evaporation bath. These specialised humidifiers need a connection to the water supply system and to the sewer system for drainage. They can both be installed in a technical room and in the room itself.

We offer humidifiers with monophasic and triphasic plugs with a capacity from 3 to 96 kg/hour. Easily and fully adjustable they offer a solution to many problems.

Our AJ-Air technicians advise you on the right humidification system to tackle your problem.

Contact your AJ-Air technicians, refreshing all over Belgium!

General service for your humidification system


You need a humidifier fit for your particular situation. To analyse the air in your environment you need a humidification specialist. Our professional and well-trained technicians work everywhere in Belgium to install the humidifier you need to solve your moisture problem.


Sometimes it is better to rent your humidification system instead of buying it for your home, office or other area. Especially when you’ll only use it for a special occasion or if you want to lower the costs. Request for an offer on the renting price of our air humidifiers (cold or warm water spray). We offer tailor made advice!


Do you need a solution on the long term or for re-occurring occasions? We then advice you to buy your air humidifier. The AJ-Air technicians offer you advice adapted to your situation.

Service after sales

Contact AJ-Air for the maintenance or emergency repair of your humidification system (cold or warm water spray)! Our well-trained technicians offer an impeccable service in Namur and everywhere else in Belgium!